Bed & Breakfasts are not the same as in the U.S.

Firstly, In the U.S.A. where the B&B has become increasingly associated with country inn accommodation, which has housekeepers, staff and often with an in-house restaurant.  Secondly, other features you should not expect in my Bed and Breakfast are air conditioning or elevators. You are invited to stay in my home and so we do not have attached “en-suite” bathrooms, however the bathrooms are a few steps away from the bedrooms.

The rooms are regularly serviced, but there is no “room service”. You are staying “en famille”, not at a full service hotel.

An obvious but often overlooked difference between hotels and staying at a private family home, is that of service; there is no desk clerk on duty to await your arrival, so it is vital that I know what time to expect you. The worst possible way to start your visit is to arrive unexpectedly and find no-one at home to greet you, so please please let me know when you expect to arrive so that I can make arrangements to welcome you. You will be given a key to my home.

The real plus on the service side, is that you will be staying with a host who really know her neighbourhood and can give you the best independent advice about places to eat, shop and visit, unlike hotel staff who don’t live locally.